Arch-Con provides expert management for every phase of a project’s development, from concept to completion.

Construction Only

Construction is at our core. You can bring Arch-Con into the development process “post design” and select us to provide construction services only. We complete projects within the schedule requirements by utilizing our superior project management systems and our highly experienced people. We strive to minimize change orders by notifying the Owner of potential design issues early in the construction phase, thus allowing adequate time for a solution to be found. Many change orders are avoidable if there is time available to flush out possible alternatives. Understanding these two focus areas enables us to achieve more repeat business.


Design is our passion. Arch-Con can also be selected before design commences in order to assist the architect and engineers. Under this approach, Arch-Con Corporation will work with your architect and help lead the project team thru the design phase. Through the design-assist process, lines of communication are opened so that collaboration can occur on the many fine details that are critical in design-assist. We have valuable relationships with high-quality subcontractors that enable us to help identify potential constructability issues before the design is complete. Arch-Con project leaders are ready to handle the specialty aspects of any project and will ensure that the path to success is clearly defined and communicated to all members of the project team.


Design-Build is our hallmark. Select Arch-Con to deliver a project under a single source contract format and you will receive singular responsibility. We will manage the entire design and construction process during the development of a project. This method allows for a fast-track approach in which the construction of a facility can commence before the design is complete. Therefore, Design-Build provides for a single source of accountability for the delivery of the project and improves the speed of construction without losing flexibility.


Build-to-Suit means “Turn Key”. From land identification to lender financing, we are able to provide a full service solution for you. Whether the need is for a long term lease or a purchase at completion, we can offer a side-by-side comparison in order to assist you in making the best financial decision. Arch-Con has completed numerous build-to-suit assignments from major corporations to small companies. We are successful by first identifying the user’s requirements and timing and then assembling the best team to accomplish the goals established.