Retail reformation

Two tenured employees promoted to vice president in Dallas, Houston

By Marc MacConnell, Senior Vice President, Retail & Central Texas Regional Manager

Retail is going through a reformation and is now adapting to technology, online sales and a pandemic… and so is Arch-Con.  We see this time as an opportunity to promote our top talent in order to help make a positive impact in this evolving market. Jennifer Gosselin and Javier Guerra, two tenured Arch-Con employees who wittily call themselves the JGs, were recently promoted to vice president in Dallas and Houston respectively.

About Jennifer Gosselin, Vice President, Dallas

There is no one more deserving of getting this promotion than Gosselin, who first came to Arch-Con in 2012. She started as a project coordinator and has been promoted five times during her journey with us, which is impressive to say the least. She works incredibly hard and is customer-service oriented which makes it easy for our clients.

Keith Bjerke, president of Bjerke Management Solutions, who partnered with us on the Shops at Chisholm Trail project had this to say about Gosselin, “Jennifer Gosselin negotiated the challenges and issues associated with a $30 million multi-tenant retail project. Throughout the project, Jennifer and the team she led maintained initiative and the can-do attitude that it takes to implement and deliver a quality project on time and in budget.”

I asked Gosselin how she got her start and why she loves what she does.

How did you get your start in construction?

Jennifer Gosselin: My entry into construction was as a receptionist for a construction company in 1998. It was a small land surveying, civil engineering and construction company.  I eventually went on to become their contract administrator and, when I needed more of a challenge, I asked the owner if they could give me more work.  He then transferred me into the construction department and told me, “Just learn it.”

That was an uphill battle. How did you learn the business?

Jennifer Gosselin: Well, I knew nothing about construction at that time but a skilled superintendent took me under his wing and taught me the basics. How to read drawings, how to do takeoffs and taught me just enough ‘to run with it’.  I still stay in touch with him.

So, you must have liked it. Why?

Jennifer Gosselin: I immediately fell in love with construction and loved the challenge of it. It is incredibly tough and takes a tremendous amount of hard work but it delivers real proof. If you love what you do and work hard at it, the rewards follow.

About Javier Guerra, Vice President, Houston 

Javier is a born leader. He’s not afraid to take risks that are keenly and smartly calculated and he has a personality that people gravitate toward. Because of this, people listen to him, value his opinions and follow his direction.

Seth Boots, construction project manager for NewQuest Properties, had this to say about Guerra after working with him on the Grand at Aliana project. “Javier Guerra is a wonderful asset for Arch-Con.  He is a true professional and I have enjoyed working with him for the past 12 months.  He is approachable and a great listener.  He is polite and understands the owner’s perspective, which makes it very easy to work through issues that come up.  He truly goes out of his way to make sure we are taken care of, and I am very happy to have him and his team on my projects.”

I asked Guerra how he got his start which, as you can see, goes way back.

When did you get your start in construction?

Javier Guerra: My grandfather was a carpenter and my father and uncle started a small carpentry business in the late 1970s. I was that kid on the jobsite running around, getting in everyone’s way and tinkering with any tool I could get my hands on.

How did you get your work ethic?

Javier Guerra: Experiencing my father’s work ethic was extremely inspiring and, to this day, gives me great drive. Not only did his work ethic have a huge impact on me, but his desire to always satisfy the client. He always went out of his way to make sure the job went as best as it possibly could.

Why do you like construction?

Javier Guerra: Being around construction my whole life made me see how it is the ultimate interactive puzzle. From the heavy machinery, constructibility issues, manual labor, working in the mud to battling the weather… it can quickly become a brutal challenge on any given job site.

Then, why do you do it?

Javier Guerra: That’s easy. When all of the hard work comes together, the result is worth it.  The manhours, sweat, problems solved, heated discussions – all of this happens so everyone can put in an honest, hard-worked day and do it again the next day. That hard work is there for the world to see.

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